★The Basics of Personal Hygiene★

Dental Hygiene★

Dental Hygiene is very important for your overall health. Whenever you are brushing your teeth, make sure to do it atleast twice a day.
Also make sure that you are using the proper tools. Use fluoride toothpaste and a soft bristled toothbrush that feels fine in your mouth.
You should also brush your tongue because it holds bacteria and other things that you don't need.
Brushing your gums is also very important, so be sure to do that as well. The angle you hold your toothbrush at is also important for convinence and comfort while you brush your teeth.
Hold the toothbrush at an angle, and aim towards the area where your tooth and your gums meet.

Showering the Correct Way★

Showering is another important part of your everyday hygiene. It keeps your scalp clean, you smelling good, and overall more presentable.
When you are showering, make sure you shampoo your hair thoroughly.
It's best to put a quarter size into your hand and work it over your head. Make sure go get the back of your neck as well.
Continue to do this for 30-60 seconds before you stop. Making sure you are washing properly is also very important.
It's recommened that you don't have a loofah, since it can hold bacteria, mold, and other bad things for your body. It's best to use bar soap instead.

Washing Your Hands★

Making sure you wash your hands is vital to your health. As humans we are constantly touching different things everyday.
Your hands have touched many different surfaces by the end of the day, so keeping them clean is very important.
The first step is to wet your hands with water and then turn off the sink.
The second step is to lather your hands with the soap, and make sure all areas of your hands are covered with it.
The third step is to scrub your hands for atleast 20 seconds, although longer periods of time are reccomended.
The last two steps are to rinse your hands under running water, and then dry them with a towel or let them air dry.

Cleansing Your Face★

Washing your face can differ from person to person depending on the type of skin you have. Some people have more oily skin, while other have more dry skin.
Some people only need to splash water on their face and are perfectly fine. Others, not so much. At the very least, wash your face every night and morning if you can.
Your routine doesn't need to be super complex in order to work.
You just need to find the things that work for your skin type.
If you have sensitive skin, it's best to use gentle products on your skin. Don't scrub or pick at your skin, because that can leave marks.
It's best to do your own research to find the things that work best for your skin.

Nail Health★

Taking care of your nails is apparently more important than more people think it is. Making sure you never bite your nails is very important.
This isn't only damaging your nails, but it is damaging your teeth as well. It can also cause an increase in risks for infection.

It is also good to keep your nails dry and clean, since we get exposed to so many things throughout the day (especially with our hands) it is important to keep your hands clean as well as your nails.
Clipping your nails regularly and using a small brush to clean the dirt out from under them are some simple yet effective ways at keeping them healthy.
It is also good to wear gloves when you are exposed to chemicals or washing dishes because those things can come into contact with your nails.

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